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The Monthly Meeting Agenda are published three working days prior to the meeting in order for all to be aware of the matters for discussion.
Notices are published on the three Parish Notice Boards and on this site.

The Agenda is strictly adhered to and any business that comes in after the publication of the agenda will not be discussed. If necessary, a further meeting could be formally confirmed to accommodate such business, at the discretion of the Council.

BPC Meeting Agenda 14 August 2018

BPC Meeting Agenda 10 July 2018

BPC Meeting Agenda 08 May 2018

Annual Parish Meeting 08 May 2018

BPC Meeting Agenda 13 Mar 2018

BPC Meeting Agenda 13 Feb 2018

CANCELLED – BPC Extraordinary Meeting Agenda 01 Feb 2018

BPC Meeting Agenda 09 Jan 2018

BPC Meeting Agenda 12 Dec 2017

BPC Meeting Agenda 14 Nov 2017
BPC Meeting Agenda 10 Oct 2017

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