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Your Parish Council

Brushford Parish Council represents the interests of the village and the whole parish, including the hamlets of Exebridge (Somerset), Nightcott, Upcott, Bere, West Knowle and Oldways End.

The Parish Council has few powers and not very much money, so to meet the needs of the parish it works through persuasion and facilitation, and in partnership with other organisations and councils.

County and District Councils do not have to do what the Parish Council tells them to do, but it is hard for them to completely ignore the Parish Council if we are determined.

If you feel strongly about something, the most effective way of persuading the Parish Council to pursue it on your behalf is to come to a Parish Council meeting, which are held on the second Tuesday of every month throughout the year, and tell us directly what needs doing and why. Every Parish Council meeting is open to the public, and there is always an opportunity for members of the public to speak. You do not need to tell us in advance that you wish to speak, but doing so helps us to plan the meeting agenda.

Alternatively, you can raise issues by writing to the Parish Clerk, or by speaking directly to any Parish Councillor.

There are seven Parish Councillors and a part-time Parish Clerk. They may be contacted as follows:

Nick Prouse (Chair) 


Mobile: 07817 789710

Frances Takel (Vice Chair)


Mobile: 07984 8409415

Howard Albery


Tel: 01398 324587

Sarah Cookson


Mobile: 07792 213818

Jane Sandiford


Mobile: 07866 928342

Parish Clerk

Jan Aldridge
Tel : 0771 140 7226
Email :

County Councillor

Frances Nicholson
T : 01398 341502
E :